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Unisport x Just Football – Unleash Your Skills With Unisport Challenges

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Unisport X Just Football App 

We collaborated with Unisport on a custom challenge section in Just Football to inspire football players around the world. All they need is a ball and our app.

  • Partnering with the biggest football retailer in Europe
  • Designed and built a custom Unisport section with 9 Unisport branded challenges 
  • Tutorials presented by Unisport ambassadors showing users how to play the challenges at home or at a pitch
  • Promoting the challenges to our passionate football audience to inspire them to be active during the lockdown 
  • More Unisport features to be released in 2021


Unisport is one of the biggest sports retailers in the world with a huge audience of football lovers buying products from them every day. With so many football activities limited around the world, we collaborated on a Unisport section in our app to inspire footballers to play anywhere, anytime. 


Unleash Your Skills With Our New Unisport Challenges

In Just Football app we created 9 different Unisport challenges. Players can choose from classic strikes like Knuckle Ball or Trivela to famous tricks such as the Tornado and Neymar flick. Unisport ambassadors present how to perfect each challenge showing users the technique and skills required. Players then try to master the challenges and share their efforts in the app to win points and rewards. By sharing their videos users climb leaderboards in the game and can even win vouchers from Unisport to spend in-store.

More than 2.000 players have interacted with the Unisport section and this is just the beginning. You can try the 9 custom challenges now and we have more exciting Unisport features planned to be released in the coming months. Download the latest version of Just Football app and see if you can complete the Unisport Challenges here


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