Make Every Shot Count

Challenge football players around the world with ground breaking technology on your phone

Bringing the game to the pitch

Just Football is the first app that connects your performance on the pitch to a digital football career. Compete against more than 160.000 players or team up to become the strongest squad in Just Football. With over 700.000 football challenges played in the app and players in more than 50 different countries, we are redefining how football is played around the world.

Be the star of the game

Put your football skills to the test and create your legacy in the game. Complete challenges on the pitch to unlock rewards, climb global leaderboards and earn your place in Team of the Week. 

Revolutionising gaming with AR technology

Track your shot speed and accuracy using only your smartphone with our groundbreaking ball tracking and AR technology. 

Gamification and customisation

Take your game to the next level and unlock new ways to play football. Customise your profile in the app to become the next legend of Just Football.

Download the app and start your career today.

Minutes of football played in Just Football

About Just Football

We’re a passionate team with a shared vision to create innovative mobile games that get people moving. The team consists of 8 members with experience from Apple, Stockholm School of Economics and global advertising agencies.

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