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Unleash Your Skills in 12 New Challenges Created by the El Jackson Freestyle Crew!

El Jackson Challenges

We teamed up with El Jackson football crew to create our first Freestyle football challenge section in the app. 12 members of the El Jackson crew show you how to master classic freestyle techniques and bring your football skills to the next level.

Freestyle football uses all parts of the body to perform tricks with a football and is a competitive sport with international competitions. As well as being entertaining many Freestyle skills can be useful to beat opponents on a football pitch. Its popularity has risen with social media giving freestylers a platform to show off their skills and spread the word about the sport. There are roughly 5,000 professional freestylers in the world and at least 500,000 people who actively practice the sport.

The Dribbling Challenges

The members of Team El Jackson are all-around street footballers and experts in both juggling and dribbling skills. It therefore only makes sense that they give you a taste of both in their 12 video tutorials…

7 of the challenges will help you improve your dribbling skills: Can you surprise your opponent with the Chop, the Step Over Tap, the Wingrove-Cruyff or even the Heel Destruction skill? Are your feet quick enough to master the Tornado? Can you pull off the Mousetrap or the Flying Eagle? Play the challenges to find out!

The Juggling Challenges

The remaining five challenges are all about juggling. Stay focused to perform the Clipper or the Reverse Toe Bounce. If that’s too easy for you, try to combine various freestyle skills to complete the Slap Knee Bounce or make it to the top of the leaderboards by mastering the two sit down juggling challenges the team has prepared for you!

The El Jackson Crew

The Team El Jackson crew is a team of more than 30 of the best street football players in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Nasser is the founder and scouts street football players worldwide to assist them in their development and connect in what inspires them all, street football.  Pictures of the El Jackson crew showing some of their incredible skills below.


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