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Just Football Provides Digital Addition to DGI’s 2021 Football Camps

DGI Football School Partnership Announcement

Just in time for the start of DGI’s first youth football camps of the summer we are excited to announce that a custom DGI challenge section is now available in the Just Football app. Up until the end of July Just Football players can now improve their shooting, dribbling and Rabona skills by completing 9 brand new video challenges. These are presented by six amazing football freestylers, even including a world record holder.

DGI Challenge Section, Tutorial and Leaderboard
Each of the 9 challenges comes with a video tutorial and a global challenge leaderboard.

DGI (Danske Gymnastik – & Idrætsforeninger) is an association of more than 6.400 Danish sports clubs aiming to make a difference in Danish society by getting people active. In order to achieve that mission the organisation’s football department DGI Fodbold organises conventions, tournaments and coaching courses.

By offering yearly football camps taking place all over Denmark DGI also helps inspire 6- to 15-year-olds to get moving. As a digital addition to these physical camps, participants along with other Just Football players around the world will now have the chance to complete the DGI challenges in the app.

In the challenge section, Just Football players will come across familiar faces like the international football freestylers James Rogers Oben, Abel Bazouz and Jordan Hanyecz. In addition to that, another three challenges each are presented by two Danish influencers.

Maymi (@asgari_freestyle) walks the players through the McGeady, the Rainbow Flick and the Turn Flick Up. YouTuber Ilyas Rharrhar Larsen (@rharbona) holds a world record for hitting the crossbar with an air-Rabona from a distance of 42 meters. In addition to providing tutorials for the Inside Out Dribbling and the Fake Rabona it therefore only makes sense that he also shares his expertise in the Rabona tutorial which can be seen in the video above. 

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