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Just Football 2021 – Player Card, Versus Challenges, and Avatar – All part of our newest update!


We are excited to announce the release of the 2021 version of the Just Football app! With the newest update, we’ve pushed the boundaries of gamification allowing our players to take their game to the next level with Versus challenges, their own Player Card and customizable Avatar. Download the app here to…

  • Battle against your friends at more than 15 Versus challenges in our new multiplayer mode
  • Boost the stats on your very own Player Card by completing real-life challenges
  • Equip your personal Avatar with awesome in-app shirts, shorts and boots
  • Open packs to collect the Player Cards of your friends or other Just Football players from around the world

Video and Versus Challenges

Just like last season, you will be able to play our Video challenges learning from world champion football freestylers and professional players how to master them, then give it a try yourself! Share your best efforts with the community to get rated and make it to the top of our global leaderboards.

If you like the feeling of direct competition, the new Versus challenges are exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Challenge up to 7 of your friends at once to see who has the best aim and shooting ability or the sharpest technique and control in your squad. Defeat your teammates and walk away with the points and the bragging rights.

Versus (Multiplayer) and Video Challenges
Player Card, Skill Ratings and Avatar

With your very own Player Card and Avatar you now have a unique way of keeping track of your progress and building your digital career. With each completed challenge you earn improvement points and boost the ratings on your Player Card, unlocking cool new gear and cosmetics for your Avatar along the way.

Player Card, player ratings, unlocking gear and equipment for the Avatar
Upcoming Updates and Partnerships

Our “Squad Battles” mode is coming soon where you will be able to battle against other squads in the game. Use your collection of Player Cards to place them in your very own starting 11 then try and outmatch your friends’ squads. By opening packs and collecting Player Cards of other Just Football players you can already now get a head start in time for the next upcoming feature to be released.

All throughout the season new app features and partnerships will be announced so stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

Download the app to check out the new features…

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