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Just Football Camp 2020

Football camps can be expensive and many young people don’t have the chance to participate. 1000’s of camps have been cancelled due to Covid-19 and we wanted to do something to inspire footballers around the world.

Teaming up with more than 30 footballers we’ve created an action packed 8 days programme you can access anywhere in the world, for free.

  • 8 Day programme
  • 15+ Partners
  • 30+ Creators
  • 50+ Challenges
  • 150+ Prizes
  • 100% Free
All you need is a ball and our app!


Unleash Your Skills!

Select from more than 50 challenges and unlock your football potential. In Just Football digital camp you will be taught how to play challenges from professional players, coaches, freestyle footballers, world record holders and world champions. Test your skills from home or practice your shooting and technique at your local pitch.

Check out the video feed and watch players around the world trying to complete the challenges. See how you compare and rate the videos from 1-5 stars. If you’re one of the top camp players you could win some awesome prizes from football boots, shin pads, vouchers and more.

Download the app and share your football story with the world. 

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The Challenges

Challenge 1,000’s of football players around the world and see if you can finish top of the leaderboard. Every day we set you new challenges that can be played from home or at a pitch and will improve your football skills. Watch tutorials from our ambassadors showing you how to play the challenges, then record yourself completing them. Share your videos in the app for a chance to win prizes and become of a legend of Just Football.

The Ambassadors

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