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Hannover 96 Pro Player Challenges + Club’s 125 year Anniversary Kit Release!

Hannover 96 Pro Player Challenges & Anniversary Kit

Building on the success of the Lockdown, Christmas and Goalkeeper challenges we are happy to announce the release of a fourth challenge section created in cooperation with professional German club Hannover 96!

Players around the world now have the chance to complete 6 new video challenges in the Hannover 96 Pro Player Section presented by first-team players.

On top of that, we are super excited to launch the Hannover 96 special edition 125 Year Anniversary Kit in the app as an unique set of equipment in the store.

The Challenges

The six challenges are presented by left winger Florent Muslija and forward Valmir Sulejmani who will help you to:

1. Bring your juggling game to the next level with tutorials for the “Kick Ups Pyramid” and the “Inside & Outside Around the World”. 

2. Get past your opponents by explaining tricks like the “Marseille Turn” or the “Step Over”.

3. Improve your finishing skills by showing you how to recreate Toni Kroos’ legendary free kick against Sweden and presenting the  “Cross Bar Volley” Challenge.

The Anniversary Kit

In it’s 125-year-history Hannover 96 has achieved a lot. Twice they won the German championship in the years before the Bundesliga was even founded. The club’s dramatic victory in the cup final of 1992 marked the first and so far last time that a team outside the Bundesliga won the German DFB-Pokal tournament. Even at an international stage our partner club showed some great performances by making it as far as to the quarter finals of the Europa League against the later champion Atletico Madrid in 2012.

Now the club is commemorating that successful history with a special jersey, we are more than excited to launch a digital version of the kit in the Just Football app.

Try out the Pro Player Challenges and get the first ever custom professional club kit in the game now. 

Download the app now to complete the new Pro Player Challenges and unlock the anniversary kit…

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